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Blood for Blood by D S Allen Review
This is a fantastic historical fiction novel that hooked me from the start. I usually don’t like many historical novels because there’s either too little detail or so much that it overwhelms the story and the reader. That definitely wasn’t the case here. There was always just enough description to capture the reader’s attention and only the necessary details for the reader to understand the culture and times in the 17th century. The author’s language is masterfully simple yet enthralling with the characters’ personalities and the intricacies of the twisting plot.
The book is written in third person, and while that usually keeps me from truly connecting to the characters, I found I had no difficulty with that in this book. I adored all the characters, even the nasty and spiteful ones. They all felt round and dynamic, and not just the main characters but the side characters we only saw occasionally as well. That’s great work right there. The dialogue was perhaps my favorite because it really made all the numerous characters’ personalities shine through.
Right from the start, the details of the war going on and how it affected everyone’s lives captured my attention. I loved following Daniel and Manfred in their opposing sides in the war, though they don’t meet until later in the book. But man, Johanna was an awesome female character who was strong, fierce, and resilient in the face of the war, her brother’s captivity, and her own trial for falsely being accused as a witch. I even liked Robert and Sam, and all the other minor characters we got to know throughout the story. My favorite was seeing the setup in the beginning, and then Manfred’s inescapable spiral into madness.
The plot never slowed down, and had twists and turns aplenty. Man, that awesome betrayal in the middle of the book had me gasping! And of course there were a few last twists right at the end that were super surprising but ultimately enjoyable. The end was a rush and ended too quickly for me, but that’s because I was engrossed in the story and wanted it to continue, even though that was pretty much the only satisfying and inevitable conclusion we could get after so much drama and tragedy.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction, especially set against the backdrop of war. The political intrigue and masterful mysteries and plot twists are fascinating and will keep the reader glued to the page until the very end. Great debut work by this author, and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for his next work!


Blood For Blood [Kindle Edition]

D S Allen (Author)

The past comes alive in this profound book!

I am a huge fan of historical fiction novels and thought, “Blood for Blood” to be a well-written story that is captivating on many different levels. For one, the characters, both main and supporting are developed with depth and feel that is befit only of a seasoned Author; was not expecting this quality of writing in a debut novel.

The storyline and plot theme I thought was original and unique. I thought this was a cross between “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas and the “Outlander Series” by Diana Gabaldon. It simply has the nostalgic feel of the past and a world long gone. It divulges into a man’s struggle and his quest for not only survival but that of his sister as well. Every decision counts and it will have you questioning what will you do if this was you and if you where in Johanna Davenports shoes.

From a critique standpoint on the writing style and book quality, I thought this book to be well written, it flowed perfectly, and it was descriptive and engaging. The book was also edited well with strong correlations between the different chapters that all align with the plot development. The book cover is also well done in a professional manner that is appealing and paints a vivid picture for the pages contained inside.

All and all this is a great Debut novel that I think will leave a positive lasting mark on more great works that is sure come from Author D. S. Allen.

Please note that I was asked to give my honest review of “Blood For Blood” in exchange for a copy of the book by Author, D S Allen.


5 Stars!

Michael Alexander Beas